When listing with variations, it is important that the correct variation is selected; otherwise your pricing could be wrong and when exported to skugrid, it's possible for sku grid will read the item as out of stock because the variation is incorrect and does not exist.  

Note: Amazon Listings No Longer Require Variations.  Just be sure to select the CORRECT ASIN.   Each variation or combination of variations is assigned a different ASIN in Amazon.  So choose the correct one for the item you're listing so a variation should not be used with Amazon at this point. In order to find the correct variation, please go to the following link and put the default ASIN at the end of the linkhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/ASINGoesHere. As you make your variation selections from this page, you will notice that the ASIN at the top of your screen in the URL located in the Address Bar of your browser changes with each selection.  This is the correct ASIN for your variation and is the one that should be used when listing.

Instructions for Single Item Lister:

1. Load the product URL into the single item lister.

2. Select the selling platform.

3. The first thing you should do is scroll down and right under the title field there is a drop down box for Variation.  Select the correct variation from the drop down.  This is for all suppliers other than Amazon.  For Amazon, you will not have any options to choose from in that drop down because each ASIN is unique to the variation.

4. Once you've selected your variation, continue your editing as usual.

It is recommended that you do Single Item Listings for Variations to ensure that your titles, description and images are accurate before posting the listing.  Also, listing the same item but different variations can lead to duplicate listing violations if you do not at least edit the titles prior to posting.  eBay sees them as the same because the wording is often the same or very similar.  So you can save yourself some trouble by doing single item listings with variations.

Instructions for Batch Lister:

1. Paste in supplier URLs into the batch lister.

2. If the item has a variation add a semicolon (;) followed by the name of the variation exactly as the supplier has it.  If more than one option needs to be selected for that variation you will need to separate the variation names by a vertical line (i.e. ;Black|Large) You make a vertical line by holding Shift + backslash (\). Note: The spelling, capitalization, and order all matter.  If they are incorrect, Skugrid will read the item as out of stock and end your listing or drop your quantity down to 0.  Follow this process for all suppliers, EXCEPT for Amazon.  For Amazon, you can just paste in the URL or the ASIN for that specific item.  

3. Select Selling Platform

4. Add Custom Formula For Your Batch If You Need To (Optional)

5. You can double check your work for items that have a variation once the item has exported to skugrid.  Just go to skugrid and look up the item.  Under the Vendor Item column, there will be a link to the item and under that will be the variation name that you entered.  There will be a link under that that says Show All.  Click that link - you will see a drop down listing all possible variations for that supplier.  If you have found that you have entered it incorrectly, go back and edit it to be the variation as the supplier has it and as skugrid shows you in that drop down.  Just click the edit link for that item and retype the variation the correct way.

Here are some examples of Variations: 

1. http://www.overstock.com/Bedding-Bath/Avondale-Manor-Madrid-5-piece-Comforter-Set/10356619/product.html

This is a bedding set that has size and color variations.  However for this particular item, Overstock does not make you make multiple selections for the item.  Color & Size are part of 1 variation.  So if I wanted to list the King Size, Navy Comforter set the link would be written like this when I put it into the batch lister.  http://www.overstock.com/Bedding-Bath/Avondale-Manor-Madrid-5-piece-Comforter-Set/10356619/product.html; King Navy

Notice how I am not separating the color from the size with a vertical line because Overstock considers the color & size together to be one variation (you know this because you do not have to make 2 selections before you add the item to a cart).  Note: The color of the images in the listing, the title and description will not change because you put the variation at the end, it's just for tracking purposes.  So you will have to go back and revise this item and make sure that your listing is accurate (hence why I say it's better to do variations as single item listings so that the editing is done before hand).

2. http://www.wayfair.com/Rose-Bed-402-DRL1540.html

This is a Panel Bed, but notice how this item also has Color & Size Variations. But unlike the first example, Wafair for this particular item makes you choose the 2 options separately before adding the item to a cart. Therefore they would need to be separated by a vertical line (|) when putting them into the batch lister.  So if I wanted to list the Queen Size Tan colored Bed the link would look like this when I put it into the batch lister -http://www.wayfair.com/Rose-Bed-402-DRL1540.html;Tan|Queen 

Notice I'm listing color first before the size because that's how the supplier has it on their website.  And I am capitalizing the Q in Queen and the T in Tan because that's how the supplier does it.  And again, you should still check in Sku Grid to make sure that you have entered the variation correctly and also revise your item to make sure the pictures, title, and description are accurate.

3. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012C65KK4

Here is a good example of an Amazon item with a variation.  Amazon is the only supplier in which you DO NOT have to enter variations anymore (this is a recent change to the system) but you do need to make sure that you're listing the CORRECT ASIN for that variation.  In this example we have Size & Color Options.  By default when you come to this listing the buy box is showing you the ASIN B012C65KK4 for the Standard(56"wide) Gray option.  However, if you change the size and/or color option you would need to use the correct ASIN. 

Lets say I want to list the same size Standard(56"wide) but I want to list the Black version. You can visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/ASINGoesHere, so when I do that for this example, the link would become http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B012C65KK4. Once I make my variation selections on this page, you can see that the ASIN at the top of the screen changes to B00HI762M8 based on my selections. That is the correct ASIN for this variation.  This is the ASIN that I would put into the batch lister or even the single item lister and I would not be typing any variation names into the batch lister and there will not be any available from the Variation Drop Down in the Single Item Lister, because this ASIN is unique to the Standard size Black Hammock.  

Note: For these Amazon variations, if you're selecting the right ASIN, your title, description, and images will be correct automatically.  So you will not have to immediately go and revise them.